Package 4 – 2 MULLIGAN™ Mobilisation Belts + 2 Cervical Straps


2 x Mobilisation Belt

We sell the official mobilisation MULLIGAN™ belt.

This mobilisation belt is a very useful tool to mobilize or stabilize patient during manual therapy techniques.



  • Colour blue with the MULLIGAN™ logo on it
  • High quality nylon belt
  • Measures: 250 cm (length) x 5 cm (width)


2 x Cervical Strap

The cervical strap can be used effectively for self-mobilisation to restore pain-free range in all directions for cervical movements. Patients have to be taught how to use these belts. This is very effective when used in the MULLIGAN™ home treatment program for maintaining the effectiveness of the intervention of the therapist. A clinical trail has demonstrated the effectiveness of the straps in the management of C1/2 dysfunction in cervicogenic headache.



  • Easy grip handles
  • Enables self-treatment of neck pain and headaches
  • Measures: ± 82 cm (functional length) x 1.5 cm (width)


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